Discovering Sydney on foot

The Sydney Walking People

We believe Sydney’s best natural beauty can only be accessed on foot.
Discover the best walks in Sydney, from the very best coastal walks to lesser-known bush walks. You’ll find the stories and information you need to spark and nurture a life-long love of nature, right here in the city’s backyard.

You’ll benefit from our knowledge and well-trodden expertise as we share the Sydney we know and love, so you can get out there and experience the best walks in Sydney for yourself.

Guided Walks

More than just a hike, learn the stories that bring the land to life. Exclusively guided for a premium experience.

Self Guided

The best walks in Sydney to explore at your leisure. Detailed notes with stories and tips to get the most from your walk every time.

Duke Of Ed

Combining experience and enthusiasm for the Adventurous Journey hiking challenge.

Meet the Founders

Say hello to Ian and Tara Wells

Ian Wells Tara Wells Sydney Coast Walks

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Stories, videos and information on walking in Sydney.

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