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We believe Sydney’s best natural beauty can only be accessed on foot.
Discover the best walks in Sydney, from the very best coastal walks to lesser-known bush walks. You’ll find the stories and information you need to spark and nurture a life-long love of nature, right here in the city’s backyard.

You’ll benefit from our knowledge and well-trodden expertise as we share the Sydney we know and love, so you can get out there and experience the best walks in Sydney for yourself.

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sydney walking events 2017

Sydney Walking Events 2017

Find some of the best Sydney walking events for a personal challenge you can be proud of. Enjoy choosing a walk to suit you from the 2017 calendar, including Coastrek, Oxfam Trailwalker and fun runs such as the City to Surf, or Sutherland to Surf, that have a walking component.

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6 Best Whale Watching Places in Sydney

Whale watching season in Sydney is a great reason for you to get on the winter woollies, get out of the house and head to the coast. There are numerous vantage points all along Sydney’s coastline but we’ve chosen the six best, most easily accessible and dramatic places to watch whales in Sydney. If you’ve […]

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1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die

I have two reliable sources of solace: nature, and books. So it’s no wonder I finally picked up 1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die, edited by Sydney-sider Barry Stone (and of course I immediately flicked through to find which Sydney walks made the grade). The bucket list concept doesn’t motivate me, and this […]

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The Coast Walk in One Day or Two?

I have hiked the Coast Walk in Royal National Park so many times I’ve lost count. A few years ago, I tried and gave up at more than one hundred. Seriously. When I founded Sydney Coast Walks in 2009 I was the only guide, and the two-day Coast Track was the only walk. But I’ve […]

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Manly Wharf

This is Stop 16 on the Spit to Manly Walk as marked on the Manly to Spit Walk Map. Manly, ‘Seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care’. This catchy slogan was how the Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Company’s promoted Manly in the 1920s. Henry Gilbert Smith had succeeded in establishing Manly’s […]

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Fairlight House

This is Stop 15 on the Spit to Manly Walk as marked on the Manly to Spit Walk Map. This fence is all that remains of a beautiful Georgian mansion built in the 1850’s by Henry Gilbert Smith on a subtantial piece land. He is known as the “the father of Manly”. Before him Manly […]

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North Harbour Reserve, Spit to Manly walk

North Harbour Reserve

This is Stop 14 on the Spit to Manly Walk as marked on the Manly to Spit Walk Map. It was here, on 21st January 1788, Captain Phillip and his men were met by twenty local Aborigines, who “waded into the water unarmed, received what was offered them, and examined the boats with curiosity.” Impressed […]

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Forty Baskets Beach

This is Stop 13 on the Spit to Manly Walk as marked on the Manly to Spit Walk Map. Romantically, Forty Baskets Beach gained its name from a group of fisherman who caught 40 baskets of fish here in one afternoon in 1885. Far from being greedy, the fish were caught for soldiers at the […]

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