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Sydney Walking Tours

Sydney Coast Walks are the Sydney walking people. With some of the city’s best natural beauty only accessible on foot, we provide expertly guided half day, full day and overnight hiking tours through Sydney Harbour and Royal National Parks.


Learn how Aboriginal people lived with the land for 30,000 years before Europeans arrived in Sydney. Soak up the waterfront views from a Depression-era hermit cave and be the first to leave footprints on a secluded, sandy beach. Hike through coastal bushland and watch waterfalls plunge dramatically into the ocean. Wake to the chorus of birdsong, spot native swamp wallabies and see humpback whales gliding past the ancient coastline between June and November.


The Sydney Walking People

We offer expertly guided walking tours through Sydney’s national parks. Our in-depth knowledge of coastal areas means we can lead you off the beaten track to hidden and lesser-known spots. What’s more, we supply and carry all food and equipment, so you can experience the beauty and diversity of Sydney walking tours without the burden of a heavy pack.


Small groups for a better walking tour experience

We keep our Sydney walking tour groups small, so you can enjoy personalised attention, a relaxed walking pace and easy camaraderie. We are also eco-accredited operators and offer the genuine hospitality that comes from being a family-owned business. Book one of our walking tours and discover a pristine, accessible coastal paradise within Sydney.