Hiking tips for beginners

Hiking Tips for Beginners

Ian and I have been hiking and camping since the days when we smelled like teen spirit. You can imagine what we’ve learnt along the way. Now it’s time to share our hiking tips for beginners to give you the confidence to make camping a fun and safe experience.. Since 2009, we’ve been taking young […]

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Walk this way – or not

Remember how you walked to school? How everyone walked to school? Then you walked to the shops (if you were lucky and had 20c for a mixed bag of lollies), then you walked to your mate’s house and home again? It’s not just “kids these days” who aren’t walking – because kids only do what […]

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Why I nearly stopped hiking

It’s confession time: I don’t go bush walking half as much as I could, and my fancy new boots are still not worn in. Once upon a time, I’d call myself a hiker (actually, I would have said, “I like bush walking” but not called myself a “bushwalker” – a subtle difference related to how […]

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Wedding Cake Rock

Wedding Cake Rock Closed

The fence is staying. There will be no more access to ‪Wedding Cake Rock‬. Ever again. The drone footage shows why. It’s been a favourite of ours for years, but since becoming a hashtag phenomenon on social media, the number of people visiting the site has exploded – bringing its safety into question with NSW […]

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Clean Up Australia Day 2015

Thanks to those that came out to support Clean Up Australia Day on the Coast Track in Royal National Park. It was a great success in so many ways. Firstly, we were pleasantly surprised by how rubbish-free the Coast Track in Royal National Park was. We expected to find mountains of discarded water bottles and […]

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No Smoking in NSW National Parks

We’ve all seen it – a cigarette butt flicked carelessly away by an inconsiderate smoker. In a city, it’s ‘simply’ littering, but in a national park the effect can be devastating. A new NSW smoking ban aims to protect the environment from bushfire risk and rubbish by extending no smoking laws to cover national parks. […]

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Three ways to inspire a new generation

Once every ten years, the brightest minds in environmental issues get together for a global forum on protected areas – World Parks Congress 2014. One question the Congress was trying to answer is how to inspire a new generation to appreciate nature parks. I teamed up with Matt McClelland of WildWalks to present lessons learned […]

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Delta Sky April 2014

Years before people were talking about Sydney’s Great Coastal Walk, American in-flight magazine Delta Sky was exploring Sydney’s wild side. Sydney Coast Walks founder Ian Wells spoke to journalist Elaine Glusac about Sydney’s best natural beauty, while out on a full-day Spit to Manly Walk with her in 2014. This is some of Elaine’s take […]

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The New York Times Travel Sydney

Featured in The New York Times Travel

Blue-tongued lizards, eucalypt forests and aboriginal rock engravings are familiar to Sydney-siders but it’s this natural abundance in the centre of Australia’s largest city that has won over the Americans. The New York Times travel section joined Chief Guide Ian Wells on a full day guided walk of Sydney on the Spit to Manly Tour. […]

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Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney

Proudly Supporting Oxfam Trailwalker

We’re walking for a good cause and proud to announce our support of Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney. Trailwalker is one of the toughest team challenges in the world, with teams of four using the 100km hike completed in less than 48 hours to fundraise for Oxfam’s work overcoming poverty and injustice around the world. Because we […]

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