Short-beaked echidna. Photo by Adrian van der Stel.

Australian birds and animals in Royal National Park

We are still blown away by how beautiful guest Adrian van der Stel’s photos are of the Australian birds and animals he spotted while out on a full-day Sydney coastal walk with us in Royal National Park a few years ago. This wasn’t a birdwatching tour, nor a specific wildlife walk, but rather Adrian’s photos […]

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1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die

I have two reliable sources of solace: nature, and books. So it’s no wonder I finally picked up 1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die, edited by Sydney-sider Barry Stone (and of course I immediately flicked through to find which Sydney walks made the grade). The bucket list concept doesn’t motivate me, and this […]

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Ideas for 24 Hours in Sydney’s Outdoors

As born and bred locals, we want to help you scratch the city’s surface to discover a whole other side: that of towering gum trees, dramatic sandstone cliffs and secret bush enclaves. Depending how long your stay is, even six of the best walks might be stretching it a bit, so here are some tips […]

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Why I nearly stopped hiking

It’s confession time: I don’t go bush walking half as much as I could, and my fancy new boots are still not worn in. Once upon a time, I’d call myself a hiker (actually, I would have said, “I like bush walking” but not called myself a “bushwalker” – a subtle difference related to how […]

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Three ways to inspire a new generation

Once every ten years, the brightest minds in environmental issues get together for a global forum on protected areas – World Parks Congress 2014. One question the Congress was trying to answer is how to inspire a new generation to appreciate nature parks. I teamed up with Matt McClelland of WildWalks to present lessons learned […]

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Three years old; three pairs of boots

It’s Sydney Coast Walks’ third birthday today, which means it’s three years since founder Ian Wells first pulled on his hiking boots to guide enthusiastic guests through his backyard, Royal National Park. Ian’s on to his third pair of boots in that time and it’s no wonder when you think about the distance he’s walked […]

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