Ian and I have been hiking and camping since the days when we smelled like teen spirit. You can imagine what we've learnt along the way. Now it's time to share our hiking tips for beginners to give you the confidence to make camping a fun and safe experience..

Since 2009, we've been taking young people on 2-4 day bush walks for their Duke of Ed program. For many, it's their very first taste of planning an overnight hike, packing a hiking pack and preparing suitable gear and clothes.

So we put together a comprehensive pre-trip briefing for participants. But we soon realised that this step-by-step information can help others in the same boat. Check out the Hiking Checklist to get you started.

These hiking tips and tricks are for anyone keen to get outdoors for a multi-day hike but not quite sure:

  • what gear you need and what to beg, borrow or buy
  • what to wear and what you can do without
  • what you are going to eat, from instant noodles to foodie heaven
  • how to pack your bag so everything fits and never gets wet

We’ve learnt the lessons. We’ve found a way to make hiking and camping enjoyable – regardless of the weather. It’s a judgement-free zone as we share the tips, tricks and tools so you can get out there and love multi-day hiking like we do.

Perfect for anyone who’s wanted to get out there but didn’t know where to start. Even if you’ve camped before, there are more hiking tips to learn and refine to make your next hiking trip even better.


Tara Wells is a freelance journalist who is delighted to combine her love of hiking – and Sydney – with storytelling.

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