Duke of Ed Award adventurous journey sign-off

You’ve written the report for your Duke of Ed Award adventurous journey and now you need it signed off by your Assessor. (If you haven’t written your report here’s how to write a Duke of Ed adventurous journey log). You’ve done the hard parts, which are the journey and the report, this is the easy […]

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Adventurous Journey

What does a Duke of Edinburgh award adventurous journey look like? A whole lot of fun! Check out this video of Aquinas College Menai doing their bronze qualifier with us on the Coast Track in Royal National Park, Sydney. Thanks to the students and teachers of Aquinas College for letting us post this video and lotsafreshair.com for […]

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Duke Of Ed – having a laugh with mates

The Duke Of Ed adventurous journey is more than reading maps and sleeping in tents. It’s about enjoying the natural environment, escaping the school books for a couple of days and having a laugh with your mates. At the end of each Duke Of Ed adventurous journey you need to complete a trip report or […]

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how to get to figure 8 pools royal national park

How to get to Figure 8 Pools

A day trip to Figure 8 Pools is one of the best ways to spend a summer day in Sydney. Remember you have a steep bush walk and rocky scramble to reach it, so wear shoes and take your thongs or sandals in a bag. There are no shops down on the beach so take […]

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Where is Wedding Cake Rock?

Enjoy your trip to Wedding Cake Rock and the White Cliffs of Marley in Royal National Park. It’s a unique coastal formation that won’t last forever, so see it while you can. It’s sandstone, sure, but not as you know it. Whether you’re after a Sydney micro-adventure or a bush walk with a purpose, I […]

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Jibbon Aboriginal Midden

Walk down onto the sand at the western end of Jibbon Beach, Bundeena, there’s a sign saying “Royal National Park, A Dharawal Place”. But what is a Dharawal place? Dharawal were the Aboriginal people that lived in southern Sydney. What makes here any more Dharawal than the developed suburb of Cronulla across the water? The […]

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Jibbon Beach walk

Where is the Jibbon Beach walk?

The Jibbon Beach walk is an easy coastal walk in Royal National Park, with well-preserved and easily accessible Aboriginal carvings. A great way to start your exploration of The Coast Track.

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How to write a Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Log

You’ve finished your adventurous journey, arrived home and dropped your pack on the floor. Mum and Dad ask “How was it?” Your first response is, “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!” Your second response is “Actually it wasn’t that hard, it was a lot of fun.” The best time to write your journey […]

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Sydney wildflowers

A Rainbow of Sydney Wildflowers

You’ll find an abundance of wildflowers from mid-late winter in Sydney wherever you find native bushland. This means National Parks are ideal – try Royal, Lane Cove and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Parks. There’s a particularly amazing patch of flannel flowers on the Spit to Manly walk in Sydney Harbour National Park. A note on locations: Heathland is […]

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How to purify water while hiking

How to Purify Water While Hiking

So there’s water purification tablets, filtration systems, ultraviolet light and good ol’ boiling the water. Have your say: What’s your favourite or most effective way to purify water for hiking? Have you ever taken the risk of not purifying water? What happened?

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