sydney walking events 2017

Sydney Walking Events 2017

Find some of the best Sydney walking events for a personal challenge you can be proud of. Enjoy choosing a walk to suit you from the 2017 calendar, including Coastrek, Oxfam Trailwalker and fun runs such as the City to Surf or Sutherland to Surf that have a walking component.

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Sydney Walking Events 2016

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Why I nearly stopped hiking

It’s confession time: I don’t go bush walking half as much as I could, and my fancy new boots are still not worn in. Once upon a time, I’d call myself a hiker (actually, I would have said, “I like bush walking” but not called myself a “bushwalker” – a subtle difference related to how high […]

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My Year Without Matches

When your whole world is centrifugal chaos and you’re being spun so fast your head is about to separate from your body, you think “I need to get away”. “I need a holiday”. Well, imagine that holiday is a year-long quest for survival on a bushland property miles away from anywhere. First, build a permanent […]

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We’re designing a membership program to reward loyal hikers who love exploring Sydney’s national parks. Here’s your chance to let us know exactly what you want. To stay in touch and be one of the first to hear about the new membership program, sign up to our newsletter. Have your say by taking this survey (and thank […]

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Last Chance Tours

Do you know any sufferers of “one-day-itis”? Symptoms include, “I’m going to do that walk one day” or “I’ll get around to hiking that track later”. We hope you’ve never been afflicted but if you are or know anyone who is, then we’re metaphorically giving you a gentle shake to say, “the time is now!” […]

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Not-so-fantastic plastic: Clean Up Australia Day 2015

Thanks to those that came out to support Clean Up Australia Day on the Coast Track in Royal National Park. It was a great success in so many ways. Firstly, we were pleasantly surprised by how rubbish-free the Coast Track in Royal National Park was. We expected to find mountains of discarded water bottles and […]

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Latest News – March 2015

This month’s update includes info about a secret beach in Royal National Park, plus an invitation to join the Hiking Camping Essentials Info Night at the Macpac store in Sydney. Tell me in the comments below what you’d like to see more of, and stay in touch by subscribing to our new YouTube channel.   […]

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Sydney Walking Events 2015


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Walk for Kids with Cancer 2015

If you could help kids with cancer simply by walking from Sydney Opera House to Manly, would you do it? Yep, so would we. So we’re walking 25 kilometres on Sunday 29 March 2015 to Walk for Kids with Cancer. You can too. It’s an inspirational and personally challenging way to make a difference to […]

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