Sydney Coast Walks is the passion project of husband and wife team Ian and Tara Wells. Tara is the key Content Creator.

Originally founded in 2009 as a tour operator guiding walks in Sydney's national parks, Tara and husband Ian transitioned Sydney Coast Walks to become a blog. It now serves people who love exploring Sydney's great outdoors – and beyond – on foot, but who need help to find the best walks, local favourites and insider info that transforms a walk into an experience.

This unusual combination of a tourism and journalism background makes Sydney Coast Walks a unique voice in the travel and nature/adventure space.

Before Sydney Coast Walks, Tara was a producer at ABC Radio (working on Richard Glover's top-rating Drive program, as well as across regional NSW). She is now writing for publications such as Great Walks magazine and the NZ Herald travel section. Tara's qualifications include a Master of Arts (Journalism), and Bachelor of Arts (Communication).

Ian Wells and Tara Wells photographed for a feature in Fairfax newspapers

Why Work with Sydney Coast Walks?

We offer skills and services to brands and destinations to increase their exposure to an engaged audience of predominantly Australian travellers seeking more authentic experiences.

Sydney Coast Walks creates inspirational and instructive content that provides useful tips and detailed resources to move readers from dreaming about a journey to making it a reality.

Our blog provides information on:

  • Destination pieces
  • Travel, soft adventure and hiking tips

The Numbers Game


  • Average Monthly Users: 29.5K
  • Average Monthly Sessions: 37.2K
  • Average Time on Page: 2 minutes 56 sec
  • Users by Country: 85% Australia, 5% United States, 2.5% United Kingdom
  • Users by City: 76% Sydney and surrounds
  • Gender: 60% female, 40% male
  • Age: 44% 25-34 years, 20% 35-44 years, 12% 45-54 years
  • Education / Income: More likely than the Australian average to be university or post-graduate educated, and earning more than $200K+ (Quantcast)

These figures last updated 1 October 2019 for previous six months.


  • 14,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
  • Average Open Rate: 40%
  • Average Click Rate: 15%

These figures last updated 3 February 2020.

Social Media

These figures last updated February 2020.

What We Offer

We only take on work if we believe it will genuinely benefit our readers, the brand, and us – in that order.


Mediavine handles all our site's advertising, including banner ad space, so we can focus on what we're good at: creating content.

If you're interested in placing ads on our site, you'll be dealing directly with Mediavine. They insist on a minimum spend of $100USD. Here's what you need to know about advertising via Mediavine. This link will get you started: https://sales.mediavine.com/sydney-coast-walks

Please note that if you have an upcoming tour you'd like to share with our audience, but do not wish to work with us on a content creation campaign, this would simply be an ad. Use the above links.

Brand Ambassadors

We seek to partner with brands that reflect our values, our passion for travel, and brands that can make our readers lives richer.

Destination Marketing Campaigns

Our blog posts, photos, social media updates, and YouTube videos share our real travel experiences. Combined with useful and actionable tips, your visitors have everything they need to follow in our footsteps.

We experience your destination in a way that suits our readers' and our interests, as well as your needs.

With an understanding of story angles and audience, we co-create authentic campaigns with you.

When working with us we can operate as a couple, or solo.

We also have a young family and will increasingly be sharing content on hiking and nature-based soft adventure with children.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts – either singly or a series of posts – typically include:

  • Indexed for life on Sydney Coast Walks and in Google
  • Created around SEO-optimised keywords with links to your website
  • Social media promotion
  • Included in our e­Newsletter

Video Creation

Our videos are designed to inspire, inform and entertain in an authentic and relatable way.

While both Ian and Tara are warm, enthusiastic and relatable on camera, the experience or destination is always the star.

Video Examples

Mainstream Media

Both Ian and Tara have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The GuardianGreat Walks and BRW.

Ian has been featured on TV programs including Sydney Weekender (NSW), Postcards and Coxy’s Big Break (Victoria).

On radio Tara has been interviewed by Catriona Rowntree on Macquarie Radio’s travel show.

See Sydney Coast Walks in the media.

As a freelance journalist, Tara Wells may pitch relevant story angles to mainstream publications, in addition to coverage on Sydney Coast Walks.

Freelance Content Creation

Need professional content created for your publication? Read more about Tara as a freelance print journalist.

Independence Policy

As a legacy of Tara's journalism background and our continuing professional standards, all commercial opportunities are fully disclosed to readers and shall not undermine the accuracy, fairness or independence in the creation of content.

Sydney Coast Walks maintains editorial control.

Next Steps

Please email Tara Wells at [email protected] to discuss any opportunities that may interest our readership.

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