When you think about the best Sydney walks, does you mind wander to stunning coastal walks, national park bush walks to secret waterholes, or even to your very own piece of nearby parkland that, to you, is the best walk in Sydney.

We dream about that and more… waves crashing against towering cliff-faces beneath our feet, or leaving the first sandy footprints on a deserted beach.

Sound good? We’re sharing our secrets from a lifetime enjoying these parts of Sydney that are only accessible on foot. Come with us.

Sydney Coastal Walks

It’s possible to walk from Barrenjoey Headland at the very northern tip of Sydney all the way down through the city centre to the eastern beaches of Bondi and on to Cronulla and Royal National Park in the south.

It’s a long way – 315km if you include the harbour walks all the way to Parramatta – but stunning, varied and hugely enjoyable.

We’ve selected the best Sydney coastal walks ranging from several kilometres over a couple of leisurely hours, to overnight hikes that involve camping and long days on your feet.

Whatever your experience and preferred style, here you’ll find all the do-it-yourself information and self-guided walking tours to enjoy the best Sydney walks.

Choose your favourite Sydney walk

Summary of what you’ll see to help decide which one to do first.

A few notes:

  • The ‘Wildness’ scale: A leisurely stroll around Circular Quay = 0. A full day walk in Royal National Park = 10.
  • Whale watching: between May and November every year.
  • Native plants: See Wildness scale. How much of your walk will be spent surrounded by native plants.
  • Animals: Birds only = 2. Wallaby, echidna etc = 10. (Wild animals are never guaranteed).
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