Micropur Water Purification Tablets


Say NO to water-borne bacteria, viruses and Giardia with this simple water purification tablet.

Sure, that sparkling mountain creek looks clear, but you can't even see most water-borne nasties. This is your safety measure.

As well as cuckoo clocks, the clever people at Katadyn care about your gut. That's why Micropur Forte is still the trusted Swiss-made brand of hikers and travellers.

Just one tablet for one litre of water kills the nasties and conserves drinking water for up to 6 months. Bonus.

You'll receive one sheet only of 25 tablets (good for 25 litres of water).

Okay, let's put 25 tablets into perspective: that's at least 4 weekends worth of solid adventure for one person, assuming you're going to down 3 litres of water a day and have to purify every drop.

[Note: fancy Micropur box NOT included… one less thing to stuff in your pack]

Super simple to use. Drop one tablet into one litre of water. Let it sit 30 minutes for bacteria and viruses, and 2 hours for Giardia and amoebas. Easy done.

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  • Free Shipping anywhere in Australia (via standard Australia Post)
  • Simple and effective
  • Lightweight water purification while bushwalking
  • Treats viruses, bacteria and protozoa
  • Sold in individual sheets of 25 tablets (good for 25 litres)
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