Enjoy the best Sydney walking tours with guided walks and guided hiking trips of the city's national parks and natural areas. Exclusively guided for a premium experience.

Take advantage of years of local knowledge combined with passion and enthusiasm for sharing what we know with you.

We've selected six of the best walks in Sydney to showcase as private guided tours and look forward to walking with you.

We're always adding more walks to our quiver so if you'd like a guided walk to Figure 8 Pools, Royal National Park, click on the bold text. Wedding Cake Rock coming soon. If you'd like a guided walk to another of Sydney's amazing coastal areas, sign up to our newsletter and let us know where.

Steve – Wellington, New Zealand

It was an enjoyable walk with fantastic scenery but the historical and cultural elements made it an exceptional experience and it allowed me to put our walk in context with the land.

Cecilia – Sydney, Australia

To other locals I would say, get out and do a walk with Sydney Coast Walks. It is amazing what you find in ‘our’ backyard.
For overseas tourist; you’ll experience something many other tourists won’t. You won’t regret it.

Wendy and Steve – Parry Sound, Canada

We visited Australia for two weeks, and our walk along the coast was one of the top three highlights. Fantastic time, loved the experience, found Ian’s knowledge fantastic for us to learn about local flora and fauna. Really a great time.

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