Sydney Coast Walks has moved Duke of Ed to a new website www.outdooredsydney.com.au. Please visit us there.

We have been supervising hiking-based Adventurous Journeys and Residential Projects since 2009.

We also provide information on self-guided Sydney bush walks for locals and visitors to Sydney.

Having the two on the same website was getting confusing for you, the Duke of Ed participant, to navigate. So we've dedicated a whole website just for the Duke of Ed NSW program. It's still us, with all the same dates, prices and booking information. Same contact details too.

See you there.


Ian and Tara Wells

Georgia, PLC Sydney

Gold practice and qualifier

“Sydney Coast Walks is by far the best Duke of Edinburgh Expedition provider and despite being extremely challenged I couldn’t have had a more enjoyable experience.”

Payton, Barker College

Gold qualifier

“I enjoyed the responsibility our leaders gave us of having to ensure we are looking at our map and know where to go at all times rather than being led.” Payton, Barker College.”

Alison, Sydney Girls High

Silver qualifier, Gold practice

“Not only was it physically demanding, but it required much psychological persistence and steely determination to keep going at the toughest times. But the fact that I did, and completed it, has made me appreciate and recognise my capabilities and potential, which I hope will become a valuable asset for me in life. Many thanks to Ian and Rachel for being such supportive and compassionate supervisors, and to Sydney Coast Walks for making this journey such an enjoyable and insightful experience!”

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