Duke of Ed Award adventurous journeys are designed to challenge you and provide you with a huge sense of achievement. From your bronze DofE practice journey all the way through to your gold DofE qualifier, we offer preparation, training and supervised Adventurous Journeys to help you achieve your goals.

It’s your journey. You gain the most from the Duke of Ed NSW Award when we help you develop the skills to make good decisions. You will not find our supervisors out the front leading you from campsite to campsite. They will encourage, nurture and instruct you from the back, ensuring no-one is left behind. You’ll take responsibility and make decisions for yourself.

For all Duke of Edinburgh’s Award journeys, you will have a minimum of one supervisor for every twelve participants ie 1:12, with a maximum group size of 12 (this may change to 24 in exceptional circumstances, ie 2:24). This group will be divided into smaller ‘map groups’ of between four and seven people to meet Duke of Ed requirements. These ‘map groups’ work as a team and share responsibilities as required by The Award. If we have two supervisors one will be at the back and the other will be wherever the need is the greatest.

This gives you the opportunity to:
  • work with your team, problem solve and make decisions together
  • make new friends
  • walk at your own pace and stop when you need to
  • challenge yourself physically to the level you want

If you’re doing your Gold award and think bushwalking is a great way to spend a week, check out our Residential Project page..

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Georgia, PLC Sydney

Gold practice and qualifier

“Sydney Coast Walks is by far the best Duke of Edinburgh Expedition provider and despite being extremely challenged I couldn’t have had a more enjoyable experience.”

Payton, Barker College

Gold qualifier

“I enjoyed the responsibility our leaders gave us of having to ensure we are looking at our map and know where to go at all times rather than being led.” Payton, Barker College.”

Alison, Sydney Girls High

Silver qualifier, Gold practice

“Not only was it physically demanding, but it required much psychological persistence and steely determination to keep going at the toughest times. But the fact that I did, and completed it, has made me appreciate and recognise my capabilities and potential, which I hope will become a valuable asset for me in life. Many thanks to Ian and Rachel for being such supportive and compassionate supervisors, and to Sydney Coast Walks for making this journey such an enjoyable and insightful experience!”

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