Sydney Coast Walks has sold it's Duke of Ed operations, effective Friday 14 December 2018. You can still do your Duke of Ed hike with new owners, Outward Bound Australia.

Why We've Sold

We have been proudly supervising Adventurous Journeys since 2009, and Residential Projects since 2016. We have a young family of our own now, and wish for our family to experience exactly what we offer to participants – to unplug in nature, reconnect with ourselves and each other, and prepare for new challenges.

We have sought out a buyer who really appreciates the business, understands how to operate it properly, and is keen and capable of developing its future potential.

About the New Owner

The new owner, Outward Bound Australia, is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers people across Australia to discover, develop and achieve their full potential as individuals and future leaders.

The organisation’s commitment to safety and quality is unparalleled and we have absolute confidence we are handing over to great partners. Their delivery of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award will ensure participants get an outstanding experience, receive the best support to succeed, and are equipped for life and work.

Established 70 years ago, Outward Bound have been the pioneers of outdoor education and experiential learning around the world. Like the Duke of Edinburgh's Award movement, they were founded by Kurt Hahn, the revolutionary educator, and so share a common purpose and ideology which makes them ideally suited to delivering the Award.

What Does That Mean for Me?

Both Ian and Tara, as well as some of our Adventurous Journey Supervisors, will be staying on through a transition arrangement to ensure a smooth handover. No major changes are planned for the business in the short term.

We've attempted to answer most anticipated questions below.

We're so thankful we've been able to share so many Journeys over the years – for many participants it has been a life-changing experience and we're privileged to have facilitated that.

We're also grateful to everyone who has chosen to walk with us, and wish you all the best for your Award completion and for your next steps in life.

Cheers, Ian and Tara Wells


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new contact details?

Phone:  02 9188 7897
Website:  www.outdooredsydney.com.au
Email [email protected]

I've already completed my Adventurous Journey or Residential Project with Sydney Coast Walks (before 14 December 2018). Who will sign it off for me?

That's still us – Sydney Coast Walks. Please list your Assessor and Supervisor as Ian Wells, Sydney Coast Walks. Email info [at ] sydneycoastwalks [dot] com [dot] au and we'll provide a contact phone number for your ORB.

I need maps or have a question about a previously completed Journey.

Again, contact us, Sydney Coast Walks, via info [at ] sydneycoastwalks [dot] com [dot] au

I'm an Award Leader. Who should I talk to about organising hikes for my school or group?

You've been talking to Ian Wells up till now. Claire Peck will be your new contact. She will be very happy to work with your school's needs. See www.outdooredsydney.com.au for contact details.

Will the Adventurous Journeys and Residential Projects still be in Sydney and the Blue Mountains?

Yes, to start with the hikes will be on the same routes with the same itineraries that we've developed.

We hope Outward Bound will be able to offer more locations as they are already a national organisation. Best to contact Outward Bound if you have any feedback or suggestions on expanding their program.

What will you be doing now?

Sydney Coast Walks was founded in 2009 as a tourism business, guiding locals and visitors on walks in Sydney's national parks. Very quickly, we started supervising Duke of Ed hikes in Sydney and surrounds too.

For years we've been talking to these two different groups of people – both potential Duke of Ed participants, and people who simply want to discover Sydney's natural beauty on foot.

So we separated into two websites – www.outdooredsydney.com.au for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, and www.sydneycoastwalks.com.au for exploring the best self-guided Sydney walks with info, maps and guidebooks.

Outward Bound Australia are only taking on the Duke of Ed Award operations, while we continue Sydney Coast Walks as a blog.

We hope to see you out on the track!

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