We hear you gold Duke of Ed kids. The Residential Project is the part of the Duke of Ed Award you have the most trouble completing. Well, we’re here to help. We ran our first Residential Project in the Blue Mountains in December 2016 and it was a huge success. We learnt a few things to make it even better in 2017 too.

What is the purpose of this Residential project?

Exploring Sydney’s bushland on foot. Studying biodiversity, human impact and assisting a bush regeneration project.

What does this actually mean? What will I be doing on my DoE Residential Project?

You will be having heaps of fun. By day, in the Blue Mountains you’ll do guided bushwalks in the Grose, Megalong and Jamison Valleys. In Royal National Park you’ll swim in Figure 8 Pools, visit Wedding Cake Rock and walk the length of the Coast Track over two days. All day walks are with day packs carrying food, water and essential clothing only.

By night we’ll stay in dorm accommodation. You can have a hot shower at the end of the day and sleep in a comfortable bed at night.

You get to enjoy walking through the Aussie bush without carrying your tent and a big pack all day, unlike your adventurous journey (which we love!). We’ll look at the different ecosystems and how they’ve changed since European arrival. We’ll talk about human impact and what we can do to minimise our personal footprint on the planet. We’ll each carry a small bag to remove rubbish we find along the way and learn about best bushwalking practice and Leave No Trace principles. You can even brush up on the navigation skills you learnt on your adventurous journeys.

On the final day we’ll assist a bush regeneration project

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What others say

“This residential project allowed me to become involved with the Blue Mountains on a level much deeper than previously as a tourist. The bush regeneration project allowed me to take a first step of direct action against some of the issues I learnt about during the week. Ultimately, the project was a vessel for social interaction with the others in my group, strangers at first but now people I would consider good friends.” Harrison Scott, NBSC Manly Selective HS.

2017/18 Dates

All Residential Projects are within public school holidays

Monday 18 – Friday 22 December: Govinda Valley, Otford. Nestled in a valley at the southern end of Royal National Park, you’ll love the accessibility to the Coast Track, Figure 8 Pools and Wedding Cake Rock. Download itinerary.

Monday 16 – Friday 20 April: Katoomba Christian Convention, Katoomba, Blue Mountains. Download Itinerary.

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