Fall in love with hiking and camping, with free webinars and low-cost weekends away. It’s for anyone keen to get outdoors for a multi-day hike but not quite sure:

  • what gear you need and what to beg, borrow or buy
  • what you are going to eat, from instant noodles to foodie heaven
  • what the hiking and camping essentials are

Our experienced guides have been there, done that. We’ve learnt the lessons. We’ve found a way to make hiking and camping enjoyable – regardless of the weather and goodbye to blisters. It’s a judgement-free zone as we share the tips, tricks and tools so you can get out there and love multi-day hiking like we do.

Join a free webinar, Hiking Tips for Beginners or keep the conversation going at our closed Facebook group, Hiking and Camping Essentials (Australia).

Tuesday 7 June 2016 (7:30pm)

Hiking tips for beginners

* Free, one hour webinar

* What to wear

* What to eat

* What and how to pack

* Ask questions live

* Convenience of your computer

* Recording available for registered participants

* Shortcut to success with experts

Camping Gear – Will all be sold Aug 2016!

Keep your eyes open for an ex-hire gear bargain

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